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ActivArmor™ Casts and Splints


Custom-designed and fitted 3D printed casts and splints are waterproof, washable and breathable! Get back to your active lifestyle with ActivArmor.

Here are the steps to get your ActivArmor device:

  1. Get an Rx from your doctor if you have an acute injury like a fracture.  (You don’t need one for a splint for chronic conditions. Common use cases found here.)  Take this FLIER to your provider and have them fill out the Rx on the back.  They can do the scan there, or we can help you with our remote video ortho tech support.  If you are going to have us assist you directly from home, you’ll need your doctor to place you in something removable (a splint or bivalved and wrapped cast) for the scan and fitting.
  2. Place your order using the form below and get an order number.
  3. Download this Measurement Flier and read it thoroughly.
  4. Watch THIS VIDEO.
  5. Download the free app from the Apple App store (search for ActivArmor).  Requires iPhone X (ten) or newer.
  6. Practice.  You will need to practice about 10 times to get a feel for how to do it.  You may need to watch the video again a few times in between practices for tips.  This is normal and expected!  Be patient – it’s not hard once you get the hang of it.  Do 10 practice scans and watch the video a few times.  If you can’t get it, we are here to help!  Just give us a call for a live video support call with our certified ortho tech at 1-800-583-6690.
  7. Upload.  Upload the best scan with your order number and measurements on the app.

Delivery in less than a week!

Your cast can be shipped to either you or your doctor for fitting.  Check out the fitting guide that comes with your cast.  Call us at 1-800-583-6690 for remote fitting support either at your doctor’s office or at home, and then take it to your doctor to check and approve before use.

Swim, bathe, shower and wash like normal –  Get back to your active lifestyle!

Keep your cast clean and dry underneath when you’re not in the water – blow down inside with a hairdryer if needed.

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